Our architectural bureau was founded December 25, 2005 by Sergey Plotnikov – a graduate of the Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and a member of the Saint-Petersburg Union of Architects (since 1986).

We have been providing professional design services in civil, residential and industrial engineering for ten years. During this period we have fulfilled a number of complicated tasks and showed ourselves as reliable and highly qualified specialists, for whom “unrealizable” projects do not exist.  

Our responsible and creative approach allows us realize courageous and really difficult projects. Possessing necessary skills and knowledge, we are always eager to suggest our clients a better solution, taking all the response for it. As far as policy frameworks, regulatory requirements and a project’ background is constantly changing, we help our clients orientate in these circumstances, consulting them at any phase of our work.

Our job is not only creating project’s image. We determine its functional elements, constructive solutions, engineering supply and think over all the aspects of its future life.

We pay big attention to the question of our projects’ further operation, because any element and supply need to be not only cheap in construction, but also maintainable and easy to remove.


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